What to Bring

The weight of your bike and all your gear is always a concern, but remember this is a tour and not a race. Try not to sacrifice weight for comfort. (Burgundy denotes gear to be shuttled.)

  • patch kit and tube - 2 tubes
  • bike frame pump
  • kool tool (see your local bike shop)
  • small roll electrical or duct tape
  • helmet (required) and riding gloves
  • 2 water bottles and cages
  • protective eyewear
  • sunblock and insect repellent
  • extra brake and derailleur cables
  • 2 or 3 spokes of correct length
  • rain suit

Past riders have suggested a large fanny pack for carrying gear as it is less apt to rattle around or fall off your bike. They also recommended having your bike tuned by a professional mechanic and then riding it a couple of times before the tour. This list might seem excessive, but you'll find it's best to be prepared.

You may UPS your bikes to us if you're coming by bus or air.