Wisdom In Verse

Wisdom In Verse

Wisdom in Verse

The intent of my poetry is to inspire the thought process!

Each poem is by design set to challenge the minds hidden ideas and treasures.
Each poem can be self reflective. or invoke a feeling of empathy or sympathy towards others and the same time examining where the reader fits in?

Many of my poems have deep rooted religious or spiritual foundations taxing the thought process of emotion. Just because we become familiar with our emotions doesn’t enable us to understand the emotions of others. The Wisdom In Verse book of poems has nearly 200 poems many supported with a graphic view as guidance to interpretation.

Many poems in the book attempt to reason normal and abnormal behavioral issues.

The foundation for my opinions, research and experience is based on a life long career in law enforcement as a Community Relations Officer, Police Officer , Criminal Investigator and Supervisor. In addition, I have religious beliefs and foundations in Methodist, Lutheran and attendance in Catholic Church’s. All have been an inspiration towards a destiny referenced with wisdom.

Knowledge and experienced through time accrued
Enlightenment with insight to help others conclude
What’s prudent and sensible guiding decisions
Gives purpose and makes sense, filling provisions
I once wrote a poem, ”Come into My Light”
Attempting to share experience and insight
The intent was to leave a positive impression
Learning from mistakes and Wisdom’s discretion!

By Gene Rooney 
Jan. 19th, 2005

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