How to Sell and Buy Safely

We all like to hope that everyone is good in their intentions. With that said, there are scammers out there who would like to deceive. There are some steps you can take in order to be safer in your pursuit of buying or selling an item.
  • Give as little specifics about your identity as possible. This will ensure that it will be harder to be tracked if you're preyed upon by a scammer.
  • If possible, try to meet in a public place to do your transaction.
  • Always let someone know where and when you will be doing a transaction. Bring a cell phone if possible. Have someone go with you also if possible.

These simple steps will hopefully make your transaction go more smoothly and lessen the possibility of a scammer succeeding. As with any posting website, newspaper, etc., we cannot be responsible for what may occur with a transaction. Good luck!