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Plastic Shower Stall Hardware


Toilet partition, shower stall, and urinal screen hardware comes in standard and upgrade options, to suit your aesthetic requirements.

Features | 15-Year Warranty | ADA | Earth-friendly | Colors

Standard Features:

Integral Hinge - Our gravity fed integral hinge system minimizes exposed hardware. It also allows the door to remain closed or held open to almost any desired position when the door is at rest.

Plastic Wall Brackets - Continuous to full panel height, non-absorbant, corrision-resistant, strengthens the installation. Comes in matching or complimentary color options.

Plastic Pilaster Shoes - One-piece construction. Nonabsorbant, corrosion-resistant. Resists rust, delamination and pitting. Matching or complimentary color options.

Clean Look - Eliminates unsightly bolt heads on exposed pilaster face. Standard installation.

Latch and Strike - Solid anodized aluminum construction. Strong, mechanically simple and ADA compliant. Can be specified for emergency access.

Theft-Resistant Bolting - Tamper resistant screws deter vandalism and help maintain long-term strength and durability.

Anti-Grip Headrail - Anti-grip profile deters unintended use and maintains safety.Integrated shower curtain track accommodates optional shower curtain hooks where desired.

ADA Compliant - Custom designed to meet ADA compliant situations.

Optional Features:

Continuous Hinges - Continuous hinges are available in aluminum and stainless steel. Eight-inch wrap around hinges are available in aluminum.

Metal Wall Brackets - Continuous wall brackets and stirrup wall brackets are available in aluminum and stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Pilaster Shoes - Try stainless steel as an option for your partitions.

Emergency Access Slot - A slot in the door allows the slide latch to operate from the exterior of the stall in an emergency.

No-Sight System - Increase privacy by eliminating sight lines at the hinge and strike.

Throughbolts - Theft resistant throughbolts at panel-pilaster connecctions add extra strength and security.

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