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Plastic Toilet Stalls

Plastic Toilet Partitions

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Integral Hinge System

  • Combines the strength of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with the durability of nylon to create an incredibly strong, reliable, hidden hinge that replaces exposed, unsightly alternatives

  • Continuous Plastic Wall Bracket

  • Adds structural support and aesthetic appeal

Solid Plastic Shoes

  • HDPE shoes provide durability, ease of maintenance, and adaptable colors to fit your restroom decor.

  • Latch and Strike

  • Easy to use and long-lasting due to special finish on latch slide bolt and heavy-duty strike with rubber door stop

Low Maintenence
Third Dimension Specialities high-density polyethylene (HDPE) solid plastic toilet partitions are the most maintenance-friendly products available. Metal stalls rust and need painting. You'll never need to paint Poly-Mar. Metal and plastic laminate partitions are difficult to clean. Graffiti is a problem. Not with TDS. In fact, black paisley color hides graffiti so well, it's the color of choice for schools across the country. Just about all paint and markers wipe off HDPE with everyday cleaners. Add up the time and money you'll save on maintenace, and you'll begin to see just how cost effective TDS products can be.

Hiny Hiders

Life Cycle Cost
Since HDPE solid plastic toilet partitions last so long, they are more cost-effective over the life of your building. A Department of Defense economic analysis of toilet compartments concluded, "the material employed by TDS Products is the most cost-effective choice when considered over the useful life of the building, in that its life-cycle cost is less than metal finished products." Both the Army and the Navy guide specifications list Hiny Hider HDPE as the most cost-effective product. But don't take the military's word for it. See for yourself. Try TDS.

No Sight Strike System
Third Dimension Specialities' newest innovation. This optional feature offers increased privacy by reducing sight lines. The continuous strike and integral hinge together with the no-sight lines offer a complete look that lasts.

Smoother, Cleaner Look Option
TDS's standard method of assembly is to through-bolt the continuous wall bracket to the pilaster using theft-proof sex bolts. In addition, TDS offers, as an option, a smooth look with cleaner lines by utilizing 3/4" #14 Phillips head screws on the interior of the stall, thereby eliminating the exposed screw heads on the exterior of the stall.


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